Setting Up Your Accounts

If you are just starting out, setting up the accounts side of your Trade business can be both exciting and confusing. That’s why Tradie Bookkeeping Services are the perfect solution for both new and existing businesses. We know the Trade industry inside and out. It’s our background and we will work with you both on and off site, as required. From a lifetime of being in and around the Trade industry, we know that Tradie’s are in their element with it comes to hands on work. It’s what they are great at! We also know that when it comes to paperwork and maintaining compliant bookkeeping and BAS obligations, Tradie’s need some help.

Because we are so familiar with the Trades, because this is our speciality, we know those special ATO compliance requirements that other industries may not be affected by. Not all bookkeepers will know or realise the extra compliance requirements involved with the Trade industry.

Installing accounting software, setting up company files, preparing quotes and invoices, creating adjustment notes, recording general journal entries, preparing bank deposits, bank reconciliations, GST reconciliations, payroll reconciliations, superannuation, work cover, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, cashflow forecasts, budgets: these processes are our language. Our field of expertise and we will remove the confusion for you.
We will discuss your new or current existing accounting software with you and evaluate exactly how it needs to be configured to perfectly suite your trade business requirements. Then, putting our experience and expertise into motion, streamline your bookkeeping process. If it’s a new accounting software system you require Tradie Bookkeeping Specialists are here to advise you on the best system for you. We can advise on industry specific requirements or more generic accounting needs. We can review your pain points and take steps to solve these issues.

The installation and setup of your company software need not be a thorn in your side. With our understanding of the Trade Industry we can save you time and money by doing this for you. Investing in a little discussion time with Tradie Bookkeeping Specialists could save you considerable expense, both now and in the future. Customising accounting software to your business is vital for the forward movement of your company. Customisation will not only streamline and smooth your accounting processes, it will also help you project for the future, be cost effective, plan your cash flow and optimise your business. The less time you have to spend worrying about your admin deeds, the more time you have to spend working on your business, where your skillset is best served.

So, let’s get you up and running, or revitalise your current bookkeeping status. Let us review your current accounting software or advise you on the program that best suits your specific trade needs. Let us install your accounting software and payroll exactly as it needs to be to both simplify your bookkeeping process and ensure that you are compliant. Tradie Bookkeeping Services will set your new software up from scratch or review and identify processes within your current accounting software that can be streamlined and customised. We will setup your company files, build those files through to your accounts lists and beyond. If you are upgrading or changing your current accounting software Tradie Bookkeeping Specialists will take on the task off rolling over your records and updating as needed.

Tradie Bookkeeping Services recognise your specific needs. We can customise new or existing accounting software to suit your exact requirements. As specialists in the Trade industry our role is to take the guesswork out of your accounting. To streamline and customise your bookkeeping and accounting and remove the pain from the process. We can set up your company file, roll your company file over from one software package to another or bring it up to date.

A bookkeeper records financial transactions, posts debits and credits, produces invoices, maintains and balances general ledgers and historical accounts and completes payrolls.
Tradie Bookkeeping Services does all this and much more. We also prepare adjusting entries, company financial statements, analyse the costs of your operation, complete your income tax returns and assist you to understand the impact of your financial decisions. Because Tradie Bookkeeping Services combines both bookkeeping and accounting services, marrying these to the specialised requirements of the Trade Industry, our services allow you, the Tradie, to focus on that essential part of your business that you really love.

It’s all about a solid foundation. To build you need to start with a solid foundation: it’s exactly the same with your accounting system. A well planned and carefully set up accounting software system is the foundation upon which to build a bookkeeping structure that works effectively with your business.
We are right here on the Sunshine Coast and also service the Gold Coast from Labrador. Let us pair with you now and help your business grow.