OH&S Admin Support

Compliance builds paperwork, by its very nature. Do you really have the time to be engaging with a mountain of paperwork in order to meet your Occupational Health and Safety requirements? Tradie Bookkeeping Specialists will work with you and complete the implementation of your OH&S system. As a trade business you will have an Occupational Health and Safety consultant in place and we will work closely with that person to ensure that all your paperwork and documentation is in place, available to you in an instant, filed appropriately and followed up on a timely basis.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act lays out the key principles, duties and rights of employer and employee in relation to occupational health and safety. The Act covers a wide variety of circumstances and therefore provides a reasonable amount of flexibility when determining what must be done to comply. To be effective your OH&S consultant must perform associated duties in a way that supports the Act. Administration in support of the Act may include matters such as licencing for specific activities , record keeping and more. Once, the OH&S Act was state by state, but it now acts at a National level, covering all states. There is now more responsibility placed upon the worker to act in a safe manner and to follow safe work procedures.

Workers include employees, labour hire staff, volunteers, apprentices, subcontractors and contractors. The two key parts of OH&S fall under primary Duty of Care and Due Diligence. Managers are responsible overall, even though they may appoint or delegate some OH&S implementation. The key to successful OH&S implementation is to accept that it is a requirement, train, advise and act accordingly and maintain impeccable records.

Having the documentation in an orderly fashion will free up your time to run those tool box meetings and ensure all the boxes are ticked on the appropriate forms, therefore keeping on top of all OH&S compliance duties. Tradie Bookkeeping Specialists can advise, assist or implement on your behalf. Free yourself up from paperwork and record keeping. Call us now.

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