Email & Domain Set Up

Having a professional image is important for your business. There are a number of ways we can help you gain that professional look that will inspire trust and confidence in your clients, including creating your email address. A well-crafted website is also of the utmost importance in this day and age of digital creativity. Being online is the only way to have full exposure to your customers and is a great way of keeping in contact with them. Talk to us about how we can get you live.

Your email brands you and if you want to come across as professional it is important to consider how your email address represents your business. Everyone who contacts you becomes, in theory, a member of your business network and your professional life. We would not recommend using generic email accounts such as Hotmail or yahoo for your business and nor would we recommend using numbers in your email address. Numbers can be mistaken as spam and the last thing you want is for your important emails to be dumped straight into a potential business colleague or customer’s junk mail.

A domain name, for general information is not your URL. The URL is the entire address you type in to visit a website. A Domain name is a critical first step in the launching of your business online. It is intellectual property and is a name that is most relevant to your business. There are many different types of domain names and one point to consider is if you want to support an Australian market? Perhaps a New Zealand Market or maybe in the future you are considering expanding overseas. The answers to these points will be relevant to the domain registration you choose.

Tradie Bookkeeping Specialists will help make these decisions then…. you go live. Call us now to discuss your online requirements.

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