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Bookkeeping and admin tasks are generally at the bottom of list when it comes to a Tradie’s day-to- day working life. It often gets left to the last minute and/or passed on to the tradie’s partner to fix the problem and scramble to lodge the BAS on time.

Tradie Bookkeeping Specialists are here to alleviate the stress of bookkeeping and admin tasks for you. Why not leave this one area of your business to someone who knows how it’s done; enjoys number crunching and can do the job in less than half the time it would take you or your partner to complete the task.

At Tradie Bookkeeping Specialists we’ll balance your books while you balance your lifestyle!

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ATO to run Australian Business Register audits across 2018


12/03/2018- ATO to run Australian Business Register audits across 2018

Please be advised to all business owners, sole traders, partnerships or trusts operating with an ABN (I hope that’s everyone :)), the ATO will be conducting a review of their records to make sure everything is up to date and in turn will be cancelling those ABNs that appear to be inactive. This happens from time to time but during 2018 extensive measures will be taken to maintain accuracy in these records.

An ABN may be cancelled if:

> The owner has informed the ATO that business activity has ceased.

> No income has been declared for the last two years.

> Have not lodged income tax returns or BAS statements with the ATO for more than two years. (IMPORTANT)

The ATO has mentioned there is an significant amount of missed lodgments due to business owners being unaware that they need to lodge their income tax return if they are under the tax-free threshold. This is a common misconception and tax returns must be lodge regardless to the amount of income they have received through their business each calendar year.

You will need to lodge the following if you wish to remain with an active ABN:

> Individual tax return including the supplementary section

> Business and professional items schedule for individuals.

In today’s business world, life can move very fast and it’s easy to miss a year of lodgments but to wind up with a deregistered ABN could be very detrimental to the way you operate and you will need to go through the entire process of reapplying for your ABN. Annoying, time consuming and may leave you looking unprofessional.

Enter: Tradie Bookkeeping specialists! Ari from TBS will make sure you are always registered by keeping your records up to date with the ATO so you can go about your business and they can go about theirs! Feel free to contact Ari today to keep your books order or even if it’s just a general enquiry!